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Welcome to our blog!

This is a place where you’ll find thoughts and insights, advice and guidance on health and wellbeing. You’ll also find delicious healthy recipes and practical food tips. We really hope you enjoy the articles and we eagerly await your comments.


Suddenly the rules have changed

When you’re trying your best to eat well, perhaps because you’re recovering from illness, in which case an optimal diet is very important to you, it becomes difficult when experts change their minds and subsequently change the dietary rules. And recently experts have been changing the...


Nourish and thrive

Are you living with cancer and searching for ways to support your recovery? Do you believe that diet and lifestyle improvements will strengthen your body but are struggling to find an approach that feels right for you? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of available...


Natural beauty webinar

The bad news when it comes to skin health is that our skin absorbs a percentage of what we put on it (how much depends on the integrity of the skin and the type of chemical). And currently many of us are applying to our...


Supporting natural sleep

The most important thing to remember when addressing the issue of sleep is that the body has very powerful in-built mechanisms that make us fall asleep. No effort is required, it comes naturally and easily. However, many of us don’t sleep well, finding it difficult...


Your Amazing Colon

Your colon is truly amazing, in ways that you’re probably not aware of, and its healthy function is essential for the smooth working of just about every other system in the body...


Is it really necessary to avoid ALL sugar?

In recent months sugar has been attacked relentlessly by the media. Articles, TV programmes, Youtube interviews and books have all appeared sending out the clear message that sugar is bad for health. And bad in a big way, words such as ‘addictive’, ‘evil’ and ‘toxic’...


Healing manifesto – the power to heal lies within

As explained in my previous post I’m taking a bit of time and blog space to express to you my deepest beliefs around health and healing at the moment. When someone is on a healing journey I feel it’s extremely important that they have support...


Seeking support that inspires

A growing number of people are searching for support with diet and health outside of the mainstream medical setting and an increasing number of nutritional therapists and complementary health practitioners have set up practice and are ready to offer their services. The difficulty for many...

Healthy drink, vegetable juice, studio shot

Winter detox packages special offer!

If you'd hoped to begin 2014 with a spring in your step after a break over the festive period but instead you're feeling sluggish and tired, perhaps a detox is just what you need to restore your sense of wellbeing and give you the motivation to continue...



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