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Welcome to our blog!

This is a place where you’ll find thoughts and insights, advice and guidance on health and wellbeing. You’ll also find delicious healthy recipes and practical food tips. We really hope you enjoy the articles and we eagerly await your comments.


7 healing elements

Pure white light possesses the ability to transform darkness. And when the white light is broken down we find that it’s made up of a spectrum of energy frequencies that appear to us as a rainbow of colours. If we think about what is required...


Oaty cinnamon granola

Here is a quick and easy breakfast recipe from fellow nutritional therapist and lover of food, Helen Ford. Find out more about Helen, who specialises in women's health at the bottom of the page. This recipe may be a little sweet for some so if...


August updates

Grey skies and rain have been with us in the UK all too often this month but I hope your spirits haven't been dampened, fingers crossed for an Indian summer! Here are the August updates from Body Soul Nutrition as well as some interesting articles...

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Introducing Catherine

I first met Catherine several years ago when I was working at Penny Brohn Cancer Care. She was visiting the charity's centre in Bristol to find out a bit more about the nutritional support we were offering people with cancer. At the time Catherine was...


Coffee: it’s not black or white

We all like quick, simple answers as it makes this crazy, chaotic modern life of ours a little bit easier to cope with. When it comes to diet, like everything else, we want things to be straightforward which is why often, as I’m discussing the...


August special offer!

As I get busier and busier it's harder to find time to give my clients the space to offload and chat to me about anything that's concerning them with their health. Consultation sessions go so quickly and there's always more we could discuss. Also, questions often...


The Power of Detox FREE webinar

If you've ever been tempted to give yourself a health boost by doing a detox but you're unsure of exactly how it may help you and how to go about it, now you can have all your questions answered for free! On Wednesday 3rd September at...

summer sunshine

July Updates

Welcome to a new feature on this blog: Body Soul Nutrition Updates. Once a month I will post a summary page providing you with details of all that is currently going on at Body Soul Nutrition. This will include reminders for upcoming courses and webinars, details...


Lamb koftas with lemon buttered peaches and bulgar wheat salad

This recipe is inspired by a delicious meal I recently had in a lovely little restaurant in Bath ( My own version is similar but adds a few extras for a new twist. The recipe below will serve 6 people.    Lamb koftas 5oog lean lamb mince 1...


Suddenly the rules have changed

When you’re trying your best to eat well, perhaps because you’re recovering from illness, in which case an optimal diet is very important to you, it becomes difficult when experts change their minds and subsequently change the dietary rules. And recently experts have been changing the...



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