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Welcome to our blog!

This is a place where you’ll find thoughts and insights, advice and guidance on health and wellbeing. You’ll also find delicious healthy recipes and practical food tips. We really hope you enjoy the articles and we eagerly await your comments.


Is it really true that sugar feeds cancer?

The idea that a healthy diet is supportive for people living with cancer is nothing new in the world of natural medicine and it’s great to see this idea starting to penetrate mainstream medicine (yes I know there’s still a long way to go). The...

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Introducing Sofia

I am so thrilled to welcome Sofia Dahlgren to the Body Soul Nutritional team. Sofia, a chef and soon to be nutritional therapist, has already worked with us on our course last November; Foods to Help Cancer Fatigue and she has provided some wonderful recipes...


Maximise immune strength with cancer – workshop

We produce cancer cells in the body on a daily basis but when the immune system is functioning well it prevents those cancer cells taking hold and multiplying to the point that full blown disease develops. For this reason the immune system is the body's...


Foods to help cancer fatigue – workshop

Fatigue is the number 1 reported side effect by people living with cancer and it has found to be the most distressing treatment-related symptom. However, while 94% oncologists treat their patient's pain, only 5% treat their fatigue. One of the reasons this issue is not being...