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Ever since I can remember I've been fascinated with how the body works and all things health-related. Running alongside this interest has been my deep need to know what makes us 'work' at a level beyond the physical body. What stimulates our desires, what motivates us to grow and develop emotionally, and what touches our soul? I've sought answers to these big questions through my own self-discovery and through my work.

My interest in health has settled around the subject of nutrition and I've spent my career advising people with cancer and other serious diseases how to follow a diet and lifestyle that supports physical health and emotional wellbeing. What touches me about supporting those with serious disease is the strength often shown and how, when there is no place to run, many people find the courage to face up to those things that aren't working in their life. The transformations I have witnessed in many of my clients, not only with their health but also their level of fulfilment has been outstanding at times and incredibly inspiring. I hope to take what I've learnt from these people and help others see how positive lifestyle changes can be transforming on a deep level and lead to a life of greater health and happiness.

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All posts within this blog have been written for informational and educational purposes only and are not a substitute for medical advice or care. The information provided is necessarily general in nature and therefore cannot address an individual's situation and needs. Please consult your doctor or a qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health and for a tailored approach designed for your own personal wellbeing. I cannot accept responsibility for the actions or consequential results of any action taken by any reader.

Links to other websites and contacts have been carefully chosen but do not imply endorsement. If particular products are mentioned they are done so because I have tried and liked them and never because I have been paid to promote them.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this blog is of the highest quality possible. By that I mean that the material is written by those with a good understanding and knowledge of their subject; that it's presented in a clear, unbiased manner and most of all that it's written with integrity.

Welcome to my blog!

This is a place where you'll find thoughts and insights, advice and guidance on health and wellbeing. 'Nourishment' is the key word here and while nourishment from food will be a main feature, the material covered will extend to include ideas on how to nourish the physical body using lifestyle techniques and how to feel nourished on an emotional and a spiritual level too.

The main theme underlying all of the information and advice included in the blog is that NO ONE other than yourself can truly know what you need in order to achieve health and happiness. It's up to you to connect with your inner wisdom to discover the answers to your health and emotional dilemmas. That said, guidance and support can be invaluable and this blog will provide a space where you can pick up information and practical tips to take away and try out for yourself. Please get involved by commenting on anything you read here – I look forward to your feedback!

by Elizabeth on 22 April 2014

When you’re trying your best to eat well, perhaps because you’re recovering from illness, in which case an optimal diet is very important to you, it becomes difficult when experts change their minds and subsequently change the dietary rules.

And recently experts have been changing the rules significantly. For a long time the mainstream opinion on dietary fat was that you should avoid, or at least minimise it to promote good health. But lately it’s come to be accepted that ...

by Elizabeth on 22 April 2014

Are you living with cancer and searching for ways to support your recovery? Do you believe that diet and lifestyle improvements will strengthen your body but are struggling to find an approach that feels right for you? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of available information, confused by the many different expert opinions and desperate to know which direction to take? If your answer to these questions is yes, then my new online course: 'Nourish and Thrive, Maximise your Body's Own ...

by Elizabeth on 17 April 2014

For a few weeks now I've been promising that I'll publish a health manifesto, a document outlining the beliefs and ideas from which my advice originates and on which all the work of Body Soul Nutrition is based. These ideas have developed over a lifetime and have been harnessed through intellectual study, personal experience and 14 years of nutritional therapy work. These ideas are also influenced by my spiritual (not religious) ...

by Elizabeth on 28 March 2014

The bad news when it comes to skin health is that our skin absorbs a percentage of what we put on it (how much depends on the integrity of the skin and the type of chemical). And currently many of us are applying to our skin a whole host of potions and lotions, with the average adult using 9 products each day resulting in exposure to 126 unique chemicals. The fact that some of the chemicals in our skincare products are known to cause harm by irritating the skin, disrupting hormone balance, weakening ...

by Elizabeth on 19 March 2014

The most important thing to remember when addressing the issue of sleep is that the body has very powerful in-built mechanisms that make us fall asleep. No effort is required, it comes naturally and easily. However, many of us don’t sleep well, finding it difficult to drop off and stay asleep which means that something is getting in the way of those powerful natural processes. What is that thing? Well, in almost all cases the thing getting in the way of our sleep is our mind.

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