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Welcome! This is a place where you’ll find thoughts, insights and guidance on how to maximise your health and wellbeing if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. You’ll also find delicious healthy recipes and practical food tips. We really hope you enjoy the articles and we look forward to your comments.

New 978

The magic of mushrooms in cancer support

The scientific evidence indicating that plant compounds can have a powerful influence on whether or not cancer develops is growing rapidly. There are now tens of thousands of papers showing that nutrients and other compounds extracted from the plants we eat and also those we...


Sugar and cancer – discussions with an oncologist

Towards the end of last year I was invited to take part in a discussion with oncologist, Tim Benepal, on how sugar affects the health of those with cancer. I leapt at the opportunity as it's not often you find an oncologist willing to sit...


Introduction to Sarah Lumley

I am really excited to tell you that we have a new member of the Body Soul Nutrition team of nutritional therapists; the highly experienced cancer specialist, Sarah Lumley. I have known Sarah for a well over a decade having met at a conference when I was working...


A cancer support double act

Last year I had the pleasure of presenting alongside Professor Robert Thomas; oncologist and champion of a healthy lifestyle after cancer, when the two of us gave a talk to staff at West Middlesex Hospital. The combination of oncologist with an interest in the power...

Plant in dry ground

Where there’s hope, there’s life

I know I should be used to it by now but every week I am still shocked when I hear stories from my clients diagnosed with advanced cancer as they describe the insensitive manner in which news of their illness has been delivered to them...

Catherine's book

Launch of the Living Well with Cancer Cookbook

I'm delighted to tell you that a wonderful new cookbook written especially for people with cancer has just been launched and one of the authors is Body Soul Nutrition's very own therapist, Catherine Zabilowicz. Here Catherine talks about the reasons she wrote the book and...


Cancer: a connection forgotten but not lost

Never has there been a disease that puzzles people like cancer does. As the numbers affected climb relentlessly scientists are desperate to know the secrets that will allow us to bring this beast under control. But the billions of pounds and mass of brain power...


Latest on the ketogenic diet from the world’s experts

There are quite a number of dietary therapies designed to support those with cancer (many of which are highlighted in our article Which cancer diet is right for you?) but without a doubt the diet that has generated most interest amongst scientists and doctors in...


Support during breast cancer hormonal treatment

Many of the women we work with at Body Soul Nutrition have been diagnosed with breast cancer and a large proportion are taking hormonal treatments to support their recovery. Unfortunately these drug treatments take their toll on the body placing a strain on the liver,...


Mediterranean baked avocados

I'm often asked for ideas for breakfast recipes that fit with our general cancer dietary recommendations i.e. low starch, moderate protein, high in vegetable content and rich in healthy fats. In many people's minds breakfast means something based around cereal or toast but to find...


The healing power of wheatgrass juice

When it comes to nutrition, nothing holds the potential to heal quite like food; fresh, unadulterated, real food. Supplements have their place, but whole foods with their full spectrum of nutrients, and live enzymes (when raw), have an unsurpassable ability to nourish and heal. It would...

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