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Further support

There are many other fantastic organisations and health practitioners who provide online resources and information on cancer nutrition, that tie in with the ideas shared with you on this website – As we’re concerned with offering you the very best service and abundance of information possible, this page shares some of those with you…

General Health and Nutrition Resources

Food Matters TV –

Home of the fantastic film Food Matters as well as FMTV, the membership site for a range of inspiring and informative films about health and wellbeing


Institute for Functional Medicine –

The Institute for Functional Medicine engages in broad-based global initiatives in order to conduct research and educate people in the field of Functional Medicine


Institute for the Psychology of Eating –

A leading organisation promoting the mind body approach to healthy eating


Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation –

PPNF is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to teaching the value of traditional diets for achieving optimal health in the modern world


Weston A. Price Foundation –

Weston A. Price Foundation is a non-profit, nutrition education foundation with a mission to disseminate the research of nutrition pioneer Dr Weston Price

Health Practitioners - Counselling and Psychotherapy

The following health practitioners have specialist knowledge and experience in the field of cancer care. We have chosen to highlight these practitioners as we are familiar with their work and know it to be of high quality.


Jane Fior – email: tel: 0207 249 0595

Jane Fior is a psychotherapist who has worked with cancer patients and their families for the last 26 years in both agency settings and private practice. She was a founder and part of the team of specialist counsellors at The Cancer Counselling Trust until it closed in 2010 and is now a member of Cancer Counselling London. Jane is based in North London.


Lynn Bannister – tel: 07753420484

Lynn works as the Cancer Information and Support Services Manager at the Mulberry Cancer Centre based at the West Middlesex Hospital. She also has a private counselling practice and has a special interest and experience in supporting people with cancer. Lynn’s practice is based  in Middlesex.



Therapies for Emotional Healing


Emotional Freedom Technique –

Emotional Freedom Technique uses gentle tapping on meridian points to help release stuck emotions


Radical Forgiveness –

Radical forgiveness is a powerful approach to releasing old painful emotions once they have served their purpose


Sedona Method –

The Sedona Method teaches people to accept challenging emotions allowing them to move on and create greater health


The Journey –

The Journey is a method for exploring and transforming emotions to allow healing to occur

Cancer Charities and Organisations

Beauty Despite Cancer –

Beauty Despite Cancer is an organisation providing a variety of information to help people live well with cancer. In addition they produce a luxurious range of natural skincare products (Defiant Beauty) for people with cancer


Cancer Active –

Cancer Active is the UK’s leading charity when it comes to the provision of information on integrative cancer care


Chris Beat Cancer –

Chris Beat Cancer is a chemo-free cancer survivor’s blog providing a wealth of information on healthy living with cancer


Cancer Options –

Cancer Options is a private cancer consultancy providing advice and coaching on the best of orthodox and complementary approaches to cancer treatment


Embrace –

Embrace is a luxury boutique and online store providing a wide range of stylish products for women with cancer


The Haven –

A charity providing complementary therapies plus lifestyle and emotional support to women with breast cancer


Maggie’s Centres –

Maggie’s offers free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends


Penny Brohn Cancer Care –

A charity helping people to live well with the impact of cancer through physical, emotional and spiritual support


Working with Cancer –

Working with Cancer is an organisation helping people with cancer back to work


Yes to Life 

Yes to Life empowers people with cancer to make informed decisions about their cancer care options.

Other Inspiration

E-Motion Movie –

A powerful film about the importance to health of allowing emotions to be fully expressed


Finding Joe Movie-

An inspiring film about the teachings of Joseph Campbell