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Make a booking

Thank you for your interest in our services we very much look forward to working with you. Please follow the steps below to make a booking.


  1. Before you go any further it is essential that you read the Disclaimer in the box below (click on left tab). By continuing with your booking and payment you are indicating that you have read this disclaimer
  2. Next, please read the Important information (click on right tab) as this will help you to decide which of our programmes are best suited to your needs and will explain how the consultation process works. If you still have questions after this we recommend you book a preliminary phone call
  3. To make your booking you can either choose your product and make your payment now, in which case we will then contact you to book in a date and time. Or you can contact us now to arrange a date and time and then we will direct you back to the website for payment at which point your session will be confirmed



As a team of health practitioners we offer advice on how nutritional and lifestyle changes can be used to rebalance body systems and enhance general health as well as supporting specific aspects of health such as the immune defences. As non-medics we do not claim to treat the disease cancer, instead we focus on creating optimal conditions for the body’s own powerful healing abilities to function.


The information that we give on diet, supplements and lifestyle should be seen by you as a tool enabling you to take charge of your own healing. We view our principal role as educators; after which the responsibility lies with you to act on the advice given (studies show that patients who take responsibility for their health have a higher chance of full recovery). Having said this we will provide continuing advice and support for you as long as you need it.


It is important for you to understand that rebuilding the health of the body takes time and along the way nutritional and lifestyle needs will change. For that reason it may be necessary for us to work together over a period of weeks and possibly months so that required changes can be made to your programme.


We must also make it clear that we do not replace your doctor or oncologist and you will need to keep your relationship with these specialists as they will remain your primary health-care workers.

Important information


If you are interested in our one-to-one support, please take careful note of the following before making your purchase:


 The minimum commitment we ask from our clients is 3 consultations as this allows sufficient time for us to start to see significant changes


The Nutrition Clarity Programme offers 3 consultations focused on nutrition. If you decide to start with this programme but later decide you would like us to cover other lifestyle aspects with you we can extend into the 7 Elements Programme as the hourly rate for each programme is the same


For either programme you must start by purchasing an initial consultation (90 minutes), your remaining consultations will be follow-up consultations (60 minutes)


Initial consultations take place face-to-face with your nutritional therapist in Richmond, South West London. Follow-up consultations take place via Skype/phone. If you are unable to travel to Richmond you can choose to have your initial consultation also via Skype/phone (prices are the same)


Once you have made your payment we will contact you to book you in with one of our nutritional therapists. At this point you can request to see a particular therapist or we can choose one for you depending on your needs and their area of speciality


Cancellation policy

We understand that you sometimes need to cancel appointments and if you cancel up to 24 hours before your appointment you will get a full refund. If there is an urgent situation and you need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice please contact us and we will come to an arrangement.

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