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Nourish and thrive – maximise your healing potential

This 8-week programme will give you

  • Insights into the healing power of nutrition, detoxification, movement, relaxation, energy rebalancing and emotional exploration
  • A set of practical tools allowing you to implement positive lifestyle changes in order to optimise healing and maximise treatment effects
  • An appreciation of your body’s wisdom and techniques that will allow you to use this inherent intelligence to guide your recovery
  • The confidence to take charge and become the director of your unique journey of recovery and healing
  • A sense of wellbeing and calm as you realise the abundant resources and options that are available to you


Who’s the programme for?

This programme is designed for anyone with a cancer diagnosis who wishes to optimise their body’s own healing capabilities. The material discussed throughout the course will serve those at any stage of cancer treatment and the lifestyle recommendations will complement all treatments unless stated otherwise. This programme is also relevant for those who have recovered from cancer and want to maintain good health and for people who are supporting someone with cancer.


What’s included?

  • 8 X 90 minute video presentations (12 hours in total)
  • Educational materials providing theory and practical tips
  • Bonus videos and articles
  • Home practices to deepen learning between presentations
  • Membership to online discussion group for expert and peer support
  • Access to programme updates on an ongoing basis

To find out more about the Nourish and Thrive online programme please take a few minutes to watch our video.

Lesson summaries

The Nourish and Thrive online programme consists of 8 lessons (1 per week). See below for the theme of each lesson and a little detail about what is covered.


Lesson 1 – Nutrition

Is there a magic diet that can support your body during cancer? Many people think so. The trouble is there are lots of different opinions out there when it comes to the ultimate anti-cancer diet so choosing which approach to follow can be difficult and stressful. This lesson will teach you the important things you need to know to help you find the healthy eating approach perfectly suited to your unique needs and will give you practical ideas so that you can implement powerful healing dietary changes straight away.


Lesson 2 – Detoxification

Increasing evidence suggests that toxic chemicals may have a role to play in the development of cancer and it seems likely that they will also inhibit healing in those who’ve already received a diagnosis, especially as certain cancer treatments can undermine the function of the main detoxification organ, the liver. This lesson will explore the ways in which you can minimise your exposure to toxic chemicals and enhance the function of the elimination and detoxification systems of the body thereby reducing your body’s chemical load.


Lesson 3 – Physical activity and movement

The evidence is clear; physical activity has a positive impact on the health of those who’ve received a cancer diagnosis. But did you realise that the wrong type of exercise can weaken your body, including your immune system? This lesson will teach you why physical activity is so important after cancer and which activities are most beneficial. It will also provide practical tips on how to exercise safely.


Lesson 4 – Rest and relaxation

Insufficient rest and chronic stress are two of the most damaging factors for the immune system and it is therefore crucial that those with cancer address any imbalances in these areas. This lesson will show you how to enhance the quality of your sleep and will discuss how you can incorporate deeply relaxing techniques into your daily schedule that will boost the regenerative and healing capabilities of your body.


Lesson 5 – Bio-energetic balance

Our bodies are constructed of energy at the most basic level and those energies are strongly influenced by energies from outside sources such as geomagnetic forces, electromagnetic radiation and daylight. This lesson will explore how various energies have a positive and negative impact on our health and how we can maximise the effects of positive energies to rebalance our bodies and support healing.


Lesson 6 – Emotional wellbeing

Unresolved emotional pain places a huge burden on the body and is one of the most important factors contributing to disease. This lesson will explore the power of our emotions and will give guidance on how to handle challenging emotions so that they may serve to expand awareness and support healing rather than undermine recovery.


Lesson 7 – Deep connection

Loss of connection in 3 areas of our lives seems to play a large role in the deeper story of why cancer shows up in our lives. These areas are loss of connection with the deepest aspect of ourselves, loss of meaningful connection with others, and loss of spiritual connection.  This lesson will discuss the importance of connection in these 3 areas and will provide guidance on how to enhance relationships with those things that provide most support during a journey of healing.


Lesson 8 – Plan to thrive

Research shows that people with cancer who play a more active role in decisions regarding their treatment and other aspects of care often have a better disease outcome. This lesson will explore why taking charge of your own health matters so much and will explain why planning is an essential part of this process. You will be taught how to create a ‘Thrive Plan’ which will help you incorporate into your recovery journey the important healing elements you have discovered over the period of the course.


Further details

Teaching – you will receive 1 lesson per week consisting of several activities: a video presentation given by Liz Butler; further reading materials; a home practice exercise; bonus videos and articles when relevant. You will be able to ask questions and leave comments via the online discussion group.

When – you can sign up for the programme whenever you like, you will then receive the lessons over an 8 week period. The course content is updated every few months to incorporate the most up-to-date scientific thinking and opinion and you will have access to the updates on an ongoing basis.

Where – you will access the video presentations and all other materials from the comfort of your own home

Support – expert support from Liz Butler and peer support from other attendees will be available on an ongoing basis via the online discussion group

Cost – £125 (please note: cost is given in US dollars, $170, on the sign-up page)


PLEASE NOTE – one of the benefits of this programme is that you have the opportunity to share your experiences with others on the course and the course leader, Liz Butler. However, if you wish to remain anonymous when you join the programme please DO NOT use your real name when you register by clicking the button below.


ALSO PLEASE NOTE – this programme has been designed to be completed over an 8 week period and the benefits are maximised by following the lessons in order and having the space between each to complete the home practice and integrate the information. However, if you are really keen to access all of the information immediately, you have the option of accessing the complete course as soon as you purchase.


Join the Nourish and Thrive programme by clicking the appropriate button below.

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