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Our approach



Cancer is a disease whereby genetically altered cells cease to respond appropriately to signals coming from other cells and the environment that surrounds them. These renegade cells appear to no longer work for the good of the larger cellular community, instead they are going it alone, intent on survival no matter what chaos and destruction ensues. In this situation a loss of connection occurs between the cancerous cell and the system of support that would normally regulate its behaviour and keep it healthy.


At Body Soul Nutrition we always take the deeper, broader perspective and from this viewpoint we don’t see cancer as a group of traitorous cells, we actually see it as an emergency measure used by our body in order to wake us up to the fact that areas of our life are out of balance.


Lifestyle imbalances occur when we become disconnected from a natural way of living, manifesting for example, as a processed diet, unhealthy sleep patterns, lack of physical activity, chemical pollution, emotional imbalance, and a lack of spiritual connection.


Cancer shows us that a deterioration in lifestyle has led to cellular changes including genetic damage and a breakdown in communication between cells and their environment, and highlights how when, as individuals, we lose connection with the regulating forces in our macro-environment, the same occurs at the micro level.


“The outer circumstances of our lives are reflected inwardly by our mental, emotional, and eventually physical states.”

Dr Jude Currivan


At Body Soul Nutrition our approach is to support you in re-balancing your internal microenvironment (often called the biological terrain) so that it becomes as hostile to cancer as possible. At the same time this will maximise your inherent healing capabilities. We do this by helping you to reconnect to a more natural, harmonious way of being in all areas of your life.



7 elements of healing


After providing support to those hoping to transform their health for many years, we have come to believe that there are 7 lifestyle aspects that require attention in order to encourage healing. The diagram below illustrates the 7 elements of healing followed by an explanation of how we support you in each of these 7 areas when you work with us.





Nutrition addresses your body’s requirements for physical nutrients, however food also nourishes us energetically and we believe both aspects are very important. When seeking out a truly healing diet it is vital to consider how it makes you feel emotionally as well as physically as eating should induce joy and pleasure not anxiety and fear.


Healthy detoxification and elimination of the body’s waste is essential for restoring and maintaining the health of the cellular microenvironment and we will guide you on how to optimise the function of your in-built detoxification systems as well as avoid toxins in your external environment.


Physical activity supports the body in many ways such as encouraging oxygenation and lymph flow. However, the right type and level of activity is required in order not to stress the body and we will guide you on how to balance physical activity with the rest and relaxation necessary for healing.


The energies of our body must be free-flowing for health to be achieved and in addressing bio-energetic balance we explore how factors outside and inside of our bodies may be inhibiting energetic flow and creating disharmony, an example may be external electromagnetic radiation. A key factor in encouraging energetic flow is emotional wellbeing and addressing this area is critical when rebuilding health.


Deep connection is the final of the seven elements and it relates to the connection we have with our own body, with the people around us, and with something greater than ourselves (our Higher Self, The Universe, God, All That Is – whatever term you feel comfortable with). Research shows connection in all of these areas is very supportive to physical healing.

Disease of our time


Cancer has been described as ‘the disease of our time’ and certainly in Western cultures there probably isn’t a disease that impacts so many so deeply as cancer. If we look around us we see the disconnection and chaos that is at the heart of cancer reflected in society with political and religious upheaval, wars, general disillusionment regarding politics and big business, growing mental health problems, particularly in the young, and chronic disease rates that have rocketed in recent decades. At the same time however, there are many signs that slowly and very surely people are finding ways to reconnect with themselves and others, demonstrated by the growing interest in spiritual matters, complementary healthcare, environmental issues and community projects. This is occurring in part by the need to find a better way to live in order to preserve our planet and our people. However, many people believe that underlying and driving the process are shifts in our planet’s energy systems. Most certainly we know from new scientific discoveries that the energy of our planet and even our universe is intimately connected with our own energy systems and that our health and behaviour is positively affected by being aligned with these natural forces.


“Science is beginning to acknowledge that we are all part of a vast web of connections that encompass not only life on this planet but the solar system and beyond.”

Deborah Rozman PhD, President and Co-CEO of HeartMath LLC


Whether or not you choose to view cancer as part of a global call to reconnect, as well as an individual wake up call, doesn’t really matter as all healing starts with ourselves. What we know through our work at Body Soul Nutrition, is that those willing to go beyond a few dietary tweaks and embrace bigger lifestyle changes involving re-alignment with nature’s healing energies and re-connection on 3 levels (ourselves, others and with spirit), often have a favourable healing outcome and it has been our privilege to witness amazing health transformations in those ready to make these changes.

Our philosophy


We understand that an individual can only reach their full healing potential when their nervous system is balanced and they are frequently in a state of relaxation, as healing is suppressed when the stress response dominates. For this reason we take a very heart-centred approach to our work, meaning that we support people from a place of gentle kindness rather than encouraging lifestyle change by instilling fear. We have full faith in the healing power of nature and Naturopathic principles form the foundation of our work, these are as follows:


  • Intelligent life force determines health – we seek to enhance life force energy allowing the body’s innate ability to heal
  • The healing power of nature – we encourage connection with nature which supports life force energy
  • Identify and treat the cause – we believe there is always an underlying cause, be it physical or emotional
  • Do no harm – all recommendations are given with intention to improve wellbeing and do no harm
  • Treat the whole person – all aspects of a person’s being are taken into consideration
  • The therapist is a teacher – we empower people to take responsibility for his/her own health by teaching self-care
  • Prevention is better than cure – we advise on removing toxic substances and lifestyle situations to prevent onset of further disease




We believe that no one knows what’s best for your health and wellbeing like you do and when we work with you we encourage you to connect with your inner wisdom and listen to the messages your body gives you. We will do everything we can to provide you with the most up-to-date information relating to natural ways to support your body during cancer, but at the end of the day, the steps you take have to feel right for you as you will always be your own best health expert.


“The most important thing you can ever do for your health is to get quiet and listen.” Liz Butler

Our Services


If you have read through this page and found that our philosophies on cancer and healing resonate with you, you may like to now explore what we offer in order to discover whether we may be of assistance to you on your healing journey.