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Our approach

Primary aim

At Body Soul Nutrition our primary aim is to help you create an environment within your body that is hostile to cancer. Such an environment will be biochemically balanced, containing a plentiful supply of all the nutrients and other compounds necessary for life, and free from a build up of toxins due to efficient waste removal.

The environment within your body, also referred to as the ‘biological terrain’, has an energetic and a physical basis (the physical is ultimately created from the energetic) and an environment that is hostile to cancer will allow the free flow of energy, ensuring that energetic as well as physical balance is achieved.


Deterioration of the biological terrain

When the health of the biological terrain starts to break down the likelihood of DNA damage increases, this then facilitates the cancer process. Once a tumour starts to grow, it will further disrupt the body’s internal environment. Key factors that regulate the biological terrain are: oxygen, pH, water, bioenergy (electricity, light, sound etc.), nutrient levels and toxin levels.


Restoring the health of the biological terrain

In order to restore the health of the biological terrain thereby maximising your body’s inherent healing capabilities, we believe it is necessary to restore harmony and balance on every level of one’s being – body, mind and soul. We also believe it is essential to to take care of our external environment (what goes on around us) as well as our internal environment (what goes on within us) as the two are intimately connected.


We use a system that addresses 7 elements of equal healing value to provide your whole being with the care and attention it needs. The diagram below illustrates the 7 elements of healing; all of these areas will be discussed at some point when you work with us over a period of time. Usually we begin by focusing on the nutrition element but where we go from there depends on your specific needs.


The 7 healing elements

Nutrition addresses your body’s requirements for nutrients and, based on our analysis of your health and the results of any functional testing, we provide a tailor-made diet and supplement programme to meet these needs. Healthy detoxification and elimination of the body’s waste is essential for restoring and maintaining health and we will guide you on how to optimise the function of your in-built detoxification systems.


Physical activity supports the body in many ways such as encouraging oxygenation and lymph flow. However, the right type and level of activity is required in order not to stress the body and we will guide you on how to balance physical activity with the rest and relaxation necessary for healing.


The energies of our body must be free-flowing for health to be achieved and in addressing bio-energetic balance we explore how factors outside (for example electromagnetic radiation) and within our bodies may be inhibiting energetic flow and creating disharmony. A key factor in encouraging energetic flow is emotional wellbeing and addressing this area is critical when rebuilding health.


Deep connection is the final of the seven elements and it relates to the connection we have with our own body, with the people around us, and with something greater than ourselves (our Higher Self, The Universe, God, all that is – whatever term you feel comfortable with). Research shows connection in these areas supports physical healing.


How we work

The nutritional therapists at Body Soul Nutrition are all trained in Functional Medicine and follow this approach in our one-to-one work. To find out more about Functional Medicine, click here. You can also view the video below featuring Dr Mark Hyman (Chairman of the Board for The Institute for Functional Medicine).


If you decide to embark on our Personal Programme we will start by taking an in-depth look at your health. We will do this using our detailed questionnaire and possibly also functional testing. Once we have done this we will create a diet and lifestyle plan tailored to your specific needs. Follow this link for more details of our Personal Programme. You may also like to learn about our online programme Nourish and Thrive which explores each of the 7 healing elements in detail in a way that is easy and convenient for you to access and very cost-effective.

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