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Products we love

We have created this page to showcase some of the products that we have found to be particularly beneficial for our clients. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these products are right for you and we encourage you to do some research into whether these products meet your own specific needs before purchasing.


We only endorse companies that we know and trust and you can rest assured that any products appearing on this page will have been used by us for a significant amount of time before we decide to highlight their potential benefits. If you have any feedback on any of the products shown we would love to hear from you.


Finally, we receive commission on some of these products if you choose to purchase using the codes shown. We pass some of this back to you in the form of a discount and any money we make is used to fund the blog articles and other free resources we produce for this website.

Nutrition products

Medicinal mushrooms from Hifas da Terra


The power of medicinal mushrooms to support the health of those with cancer is very significant, so much so that in certain parts of the world mushroom extracts are used as front-line treatments alongside chemotherapy. As the research evidence builds in support of the therapeutic benefits of mushrooms we continue to see great results in our clinic, especially when it comes to giving immunity a much-needed boost during cancer treatment.



The results we’ve been seeing have improved greatly since we started using the Hifas da Terra products last year as this company not only produces all of their own mushrooms to the highest quality standards possible but they have also created the most potent products available on the market in a range designed specifically for people with cancer. This is their Mico Onco range, which includes products designed for specific cancers. I have been so impressed with this line of products that I am currently involved in writing a scientific study documenting one of my client’s case histories.


Recently I ran a webinar on behalf of Hifas da Terra in which I discussed in some detail the research that supports the use of medicinal mushrooms in cancer, I also discussed which mushrooms are most suitable in individual cases. You can view this webinar in full below.




This is a recording of the webinar Liz Butler gave in November 2016 on behalf of Hifas da Terra entitled ‘Cancer and the incredible power of mushrooms to support healing’.

Hifas da Terra would like to offer you a 15% on your purchase, just use the code 5bodysoulnutrition2 when you call or order online.

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Fresh wheatgrass juice from LiveWheatgrass


At Body Soul Nutrition we are huge fans of fresh wheatgrass juice because of its ability to deliver a high concentration of nutrients in a form that the body is able to utilise easily. We find that fresh wheatgrass is particularly beneficial for people undergoing cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy as it helps to prevent the drop in white blood cells that often occurs as people are undergoing treatment. Research supports our observation that fresh wheatgrass can help support immunity during cancer treatment and also shows that there is no interference in the way the treatments are working.




We choose to recommend fresh rather than dried wheatgrass due to the presence of live enzymes and other nutrients that are lost during the drying process. Also, for convenience we recommend buying wheatgrass juice that has been pre-juiced but then immediately frozen and delivered to your door still frozen to preserve the high nutrient content. Livewheatgrass are a company that produce wheatgrass in such a way and we particularly like their product as it is field-grown, organic and guaranteed to be gluten-free.




To find out more about the benefits of live wheatgrass please read our article ‘The Healing Power of Wheatgrass Juice’ which discusses the research in more depth and includes some recipes.