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What we offer

Cancer Clarity™


It is our goal to be able to offer as many people with cancer as possible guidance on how they may use natural means to maximise their healing potential. We want to offer this in a way that is widely accessible and affordable. With this in mind we are in the process of developing Cancer Clarity™, an online programme that will offer holistic diet and lifestyle information relating to our 7 Elements of Healing model. The programme will be delivered via a series of webinars along with reading materials, home practices, membership to an online community, live Q & A sessions and one-to-one support for those that want it (optional extra). The programme will be delivered by health professionals with many years of experience supporting people with cancer and will provide cutting edge, research-based information as well as practical guidance and encouragement.


Cancer Clarity will be launched during the summer of 2018. Click here to find out more.




Connection Coaching


Individual coaching sessions are provided for those that feel they need one-to-one, individualised support. During these sessions, a highly experienced therapist will offer advice, based on the teachings of Cancer Clarity™, tailored to the person’s specific needs. The topics covered are those within our 7 Elements of Healing model: nutrition; detoxification; activity and movement; rest and relaxation; bio-energetic balance, emotional wellbeing and deeper connection and the priority issues for each individual will be established at the start of the coaching process.


For more information about the Connection Coaching sessions, please click here.



If you would like to speak to us about whether or not our services are right for you, please leave us a message and we will be happy to give you a call.