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7 elements programme

Our 7 Elements Programme is the most comprehensive care package that we offer providing in-depth one-to-one support covering each of the 7 elements that we believe are important for maximising your healing potential. The programme consists of a series of consultations during which you’ll receive expert guidance and practical support tailored to your unique needs.






What the programme covers

The programme covers a detailed analysis of your health needs and provides diet and lifestyle advice tailored to your specific requirements. All Body Soul Nutrition nutritional therapists have a background in Functional Medicine and as with all of our work, this programme focuses on identifying the underlying causes of disease. We do this through our comprehensive health questionnaire, our in-depth discussions with you and functional testing if applicable. To further refine our nutritional advice, ensuring it is perfectly suited to your body type, we incorporate Metabolic Typing into our work.


The programme structure

The programme structure is fluid and tailored to the requirements of each person, however it approximately follows the pathway outlined below. The programme lasts for around 3-4 months and after that time you can add on extra sessions if you wish.


Consultation 1, lasts for 90 minutes – the aim of the first consultation is to collect a detailed medical history and discuss with you your personal healing goals allowing us to build up a picture of your health needs and priorities. By the end of the session we will have outlined a strategy for maximising your healing potential and introduced you to any functional tests that we feel are appropriate. Following the consultation, details of the strategy will be sent to you in your Personal Healing Plan.


Consultation 2, lasts for 60 minutes – during the second consultation we will explore the finer details of your nutritional needs based on the information we have gathered so far and the results of any functional tests. Refinements to the initial dietary and supplement recommendations will be made. Also in this consultation you will be given advice on how to activate the body’s in-built healing response by calming the nervous system.


Consultation 3, lasts for 60 minutes – the aim of the third consultation is to assess your progress so far and to tweak the nutritional intervention if necessary. During this consultation we will also discuss ways to support your activity level and the quality of your sleep and rest breaks


Consultation 4, lasts 60 minutes – apart from assessing your progress so far, this consultation will focus on how to minimise toxin exposure inside and outside of your home, and how to restore bioenergetic balance (the energies of the body). The possibility of detoxification will be discussed – either to address the full body, or to focus on particular organs or body systems


Consultation 5, lasts 60 minutes – apart from assessing your progress so far, this consultation will focus on how to remove blockages to your inherent healing abilities through emotional healing. Tools and techniques to start you on the path towards emotional wellbeing will be provided


Consultation 6, lasts for 60 minutes – during this 6th consultation we will do a thorough review of your progress so far and will discuss how to further refine the nutrition and lifestyle interventions to meet your changing needs






As a participant of the personal programme you will receive:

Advice from experts – between them Liz, Catherine, Silvia and Sarah have almost 60 years experience in the field of cancer nutrition

An evidence-informed approach – the information we will provide you with is based on the latest research

Attentive support –  your nutritional therapist will be on-hand in-between consultations to answer your questions via email

Compassionate support – Liz, Catherine, Silvia & Sarah have all cared for friends or relatives with cancer so hold deep empathy for others in this situation

Report and notes – after your first consultation you will receive your Personal Healing Plan and extra information sheets. After subsequent consultations you will receive notes outlining our most recent recommendations for you

Practical support – a menu plan, recipes and other practical information will be included in your Personal Healing Plan

Dedication to your future wellbeing – during the consultations you will learn how to listen to and understand your body’s needs giving you the skills to care for yourself in the best way possible long into the future


Consultation information

Our Face-to-face consultations take place at Bhuti in Richmond, South West London, UK. If you are unable to travel to Richmond consultations can be conducted via Skype or phone.


If we feel it is necessary, we may refer you to one of the Body Soul Nutrition Associated Health Professionals for further support. Visit our meet the team page for more details.



Consultations are charged at £150 per hour and therefore the total cost of the 6.5 hours consultation time included in the 7 Elements Programme is £975. You have two payment options; you can either pay for each consultation as you go – this is good if you want to spread the costs; or you can pay for the six consultations upfront – this is good if you want to save money as the price drops to £895 if you choose this option.  


This fee includes:

  • Preparation time before the consultation
  • The consultation with your primary nutritional therapist
  • Time to write the Personal Healing Plan and follow-up notes
  • Time to answer a certain number of emails between consultations

If you would like to make a booking please get in touch so that we can find you a suitable consultation date. We will then refer you to the bookings page to make your payment. If you are still undecided you may like to start with a free 15-minute phone call during which our Senior Nutritional Therapist, Liz Butler will take some information about your individual situation and answer any questions you have. To request your free phone call, please get in touch.

Please note that as nutritional therapists we do not treat cancer, instead we teach you how to maximise your body’s own inherent healing abilities. Our advice does not replace your medical care.