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Q & A sessions

Are you feeling overwhelmed following a recent cancer diagnosis and don’t know where to start on the path of self-healing? Have you already done your own research but you still have unanswered questions on diet and lifestyle ? Or perhaps you’ve been given conflicting dietary advice from different sources, or are scared by headlines stating that particular foods cause cancer? Whatever your diet and lifestyle questions, our team of cancer nutrition experts can help you.


Our Q & A sessions are designed to answer specific questions, if you would like in-depth one-to-one nutritional and lifestyle support including a detailed health analysis and comprehensive report, please see our Personal Programmes.

Q & A sessions are conducted by our nutritional therapists – Liz Butler, Catherine Zabilowicz, Sarah Lumley and Silvia Grisendi – to find out more about their background and experience visit our Meet the Team page. The sessions cost £50 for 30 minutes and take place via Skype or phone. If you would like to make a booking please go ahead by clicking the button below.

Please note that as nutritional therapists we do not treat cancer, instead we teach you how to maximise your body’s own inherent healing abilities. Our advice does not replace your medical care.