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Body Soul Nutrition | Introduction to Silvia Grisendi
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Introduction to Silvia Grisendi

Introduction to Silvia Grisendi

Last summer I made a firm intention – to find myself a nutritional therapist to join our team who was highly qualified and experienced, kind and empathetic, and had added skills to help me take Body Soul Nutrition to a level where we may help even more people. Literally, a few days later Silvia appeared and it felt like a prayer had been answered as she ticked all of the boxes and more (the power of intention when all is aligned never ceases to amaze me).

In the last few months since Silvia joined us she has been a great hit with the rest of the team who love her highly efficient, professional way of working and generosity with knowledge. And knowledge Silvia certainly has. After completing an MSc in Molecular biology, a PhD in Human oncology, spending several years in the lab studying the mechanisms of cancer development, and several more as a medical writer, Silvia went on to study naturopathic nutrition. Following her nutrition training, she opened her own clinical practice and combined her work with clients (mostly people with cancer) with teaching students at the same college where she studied. Apart from the Body Soul Nutrition team, our clients love her too. The feedback we get is that they feel safe and reassured by the depth of her scientific understanding together with her inherent warmth and kind nature.

The mix of level-headed, academic knowledge with heart-felt care and empathy is what sums Silvia up and makes her a perfect addition to a team that I have worked hard to ensure has these qualities at its foundation. I hope some sense of this is captured in this video during which Silvia and I have a short discussion about the scientific basis of our work.

In Silvia, my dream of finding someone to help me develop the business has been fulfilled and over the next few weeks and months the two of us will be working on some exciting new project, watch this space…. details to follow!


Liz Butler

Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated with how the body works and all things health-related. Running alongside this interest has been my deep need to know what makes us ‘work’ at a level beyond the physical body. What stimulates our desires, what motivates us to grow and develop emotionally, and what touches our soul. I’ve sought answers to these big questions through my own self-discovery and through my work. My interest in health has settled around the subject of nutrition and I’ve spent my career advising people with cancer how to follow a diet and lifestyle that supports physical health and emotional wellbeing.

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